Italian Partner School


I.I.S.S. “S. Trinchese” Martano



Our school I.I.S.S. “S. Trinchese” is a secondary school located in Martano, a small town of Southern Italy.

There are about 750–800 students aged 14-19 years. They are divided in 5 levels (= classes).

Students who attend our school can chose among various sectors: Scientific, Classical, Linguistic, Technical and Vocational for Social Services.



The SCIENTIFIC LICEO promotes the acquisition of academic knowledge with a special focus on Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences.

The LINGUISTIC SECTOR focuses on the study of modern languages: English, French and Spanish.

The CLASSICAL LICEO promotes above all the study of classical civilization and humanistic culture with the Latin and Greek language.

The TECHNICAL-ECONOMIC SECTOR syllabus focuses on Science, Technology and Modern Languages and the analysis of the economic and productive development of countries.

The VOCATIONAL SECTOR FOR SOCIAL AND HEALTH CARE SERVICES focuses on children’s care as well as social and health care.

For this reason our students display a wide range of attitudes towards formal education, from those who are highly motivated to those with learning difficulties or physical disabilities.


Our HEAD TEACHER Alieta Sciolti is the manager of the whole school.


All classrooms are equipped with LAN networking. It permits communication and Internet connection with ADSL line with optical fibre.


There are also lots of special rooms such as the LIBRARY with more than 2,000 books, CD-ROMs and DVDs and well-equipped Chemistry, Physics and ICT Labs.

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Our school puts great emphasis on music. We have a music classroom where we study and have great time playing all sorts of instruments such as the piano, the guitar, the violin and so on. We also have a school CHOIR and a MUSICAL GROUP. They sing and play at all afternoon special meetings and I can assure you that everybody has a lot of fun.


To sum up, our school gives all students the great opportunity to learn lots of new things and develop their personality.

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