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Smart City - Interaction Group




The interaction group had the task to create city and town models based on smart ideas for the future. The inspiration came from environmental experts giving us lectures and educating us about their own lifestyles, as well as a visit to the Cool Planet interactive museum in Powerscourt in the Wicklow Mountains.


The first step for the group was to learn about the problems regarding environment and nature. Manchan Magan, an Irish environmentalist and journalist, focusing on inspired solutions for building houses from recycled and natural materials, enlightened us about the consequences of not managing waste and not saving energy.


Then, in the Cool Planet museum we performed various tasks that made us have a second thought on how we treat our planet and protect our land, encouraging us to do it in a smart way.

After that we met the award winning Irish architect Dominic Stevens in county Leitrim, who guided us through his own eco-friendly house, explaining how it was built. We learnt that it is possible to build our own houses with little money and time and in an environmentally sound way.


When the group had gathered all the ideas, we developed them into creative designs that function as representative examples of inventions that could be used in a smart city and for a sustainable lifestyle. They consist of solutions for waste and traffic management, urban gardening and agriculture as well as energy saving concepts. The techniques we used were pop up models, 3D models and up- cycling. Some of the templates will be uploaded here for people that are interested in creating their own smart solutions and bringing them to life.


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